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God created us with a desire for community. Small Groups help you build life-giving relationships as they…

  • ​Create a loving enviornment where people can share life’s joys and struggles.

  • Value and respect each person’s story, encourage, challenge and care for each other.


Small Groups help you take the next step closer to Christ, no matter where you are in the journey. Spiritually healthy small groups…

  • ​Discuss Christ-centered biblical truth.

  • ​Engage in meaningful conversations that challenge each other toward Christ-likeness.

  • ​Encourage spiritual practices that help each person faithfully follow God.


Small Groups help us value others the way Christ values us. Outwardly focused small groups…

  • ​Serve together and encourage each other to find a consistent place to serve.

  • ​Invest in those outside the faith, respond when asked about our hope and invite others to a weekend service.

  • ​Consider group growth. That might look like adding new people to the group or branching out into other groups.

Meets Thursdays at 7:00 P.M. Via Zoom

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